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Domain names are the start of your online presence. While it is possible to run a website without a domain name, having a domain name is alot like having a street address for your house – it just makes your place on the internet a lot easier to find.

Whether it is for a website, or an email account, your domain name should tell potential customers about your business and be memorable. After all you want your brand to be first in mind when customers need your services.

Your domain name should reflect your business name or your interest if it is for a personal website. Ideally it should be the name that people will immediately think of when they want to visit your website.

Domain Name with Hosting

Hosting and Domain Name packages

Our most popular option, as it means that all that you require to get online is managed in one place. You can save money, by purchasing a hosting account with us as well. As long as you continue to have your domain name and hosting through us, your domain name will be free!

To get started with this option checkout our hosting packages. Find the one you would like, and you will be asked as part of the checkout process what domain name you would like to add.

Domain Name Without Hosting

Purchasing Domain Names Without a Hosting Plan

You can purchase your domain name through us if you have a hosting plan elsewhere with another provider. However you will need to pay  an annual renewal fee, and won’t benefit from our hosting and domain name package price.

Just click through to our dedicated customer service portal and choose the plan that suits you.

Domain Name Transfers

Domain Name Transfers

You can transfer your domain name to us, and if you already have a hosting plan with us take advantage of our hosting package prices, which include free domain name renewal.

You can also transfer your domain to us and take advantage of our competitive prices.  You can kick off either process by raising a ticket with our support desk.

Domain Name Parking

Domain Name Parking

You can park your domain name with us, and take advantage of the following features:

  • email forwarding – set up email forwarders on your domain name, to forward email sent to an address at that domain name, to another address (eg existing email account)
  • url redirection – have multiple domain names pointing to the one website

Domain Name Parking is a free service, once you have purchased your domain name. You can start the setup process by raising a ticket with our support desk.

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