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Optimisation – why is it important


There are two main objectives in optimising a website. The first is to build traffic leads from search engines, and the second is to ensure that visitors to your website can find what they need quickly. Obviously this is extremely important to e-Commerce sites where it is important to ensure that the buying experience is easy – it’s a proven fact that if you make it difficult for your visitors to buy products, they wont buy anything!

Good site optimisation is a balance. Search engines don’t behave the same way as people do when they visit a site, so often successful optimisation becomes a trade-off between the needs of a visitor to your site, and a search engine. However to make your site a success it needs to take into account both these factors.

What about Standards Compliance

Standards compliance is also an important component in the success of your website, although a relatively recent concept in web design, standards compliance has gained importance due to the fact that a standards compliance site has the best chance of being displayed in a similar way across multiple browsers and platforms. Well designed sites can be optimised for both search engines and users through the use of standards compliance, since the applications (eg browsers or search engines) that try to view your site will prefer to see them in a particular way if they too support the same rules.

The same applies to search engines, which prefer to index your website based on an agreed set of rules. Properly built websites remove much of the formatting from your web page, and store it separately. This has the following advantages:

(a) It is easier to apply style changes across a website in a consistent way, often making it cheaper when changes are required

(b)Search engines only index the actual content and don’t have to sift through mountains of code to find the important phrases to index – or worse still index the wrong content

(c)Pages are generally faster to load

Our Optimisation services

Our Optimisation service can include any or all of the following:

  • Image optimisation, ensuring quick page downloads
  • code optimisation, ensuring standards compliance websites, and minimising download times
  • keyword optimisation, ensuring appropriate search engine indexing
  • Usability analysis
  • Targeted search engine submission
  • Google Adwords setup and ongoing monitoring

As each sites needs are different, please contact us to discuss your requirements

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